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RisksUnderstand Legal Risk in Real TimeIdentify, assess and control legal risks which have a material impact on your Contracts
Approval RequiredMitigated RiskRedInherent RiskBlackMitigationIssueLimitations of LiabilitySavedMitigated RiskDelivery FlexibilityInherent RiskMitigated RiskFinancial TermsInherent RiskMitigated RiskCustomer ResponsibilitiesInherent RiskMitigated RiskService Levels & CreditsInherent RiskMitigated RiskScopeInherent RiskMitigated RiskIP/SoftwareInherent RiskLimitations of Liability - Ip/Software - Scope - Sweeps & Change - Service Levels & Credits - T&T - Customer Responsibilties - Financial Terms - Delivery Flexibility & Resources - Terms & Termination - Other ExposureAPPLY ALLLimitations of LiabilityEmily LanderEmily Lander3:47pmRequest Fully ApprovedI’ve had a disscussion with the team this morning. We are suggesting we propose the liability cap as described in the mitigation section of the CRA as our final position.Request Fully ApprovedAll Approvers have approved the RiskSystem 3:47pmSubmitted for ApprovalAll Approvers Need to approve the Risk before moving forward.System 2:13pm20MB max file sizeApproved ApprovedCancel /ApprovalsFilesTrackerAdd a messageCANCELADD MESSAGE / FILESDrop files hereMessageMon, 30 November 2020Add attachmentLimitations of LiabilityExampleFavouritePriorGuidanceCANCELRisksDigital Contract Risk AssessmentCustomisable Risk FactorsBuilt in Guidance, Examples and Playbooks and prior ApprovalsInherent and Mitigated Risk tracked in a Risk Register Accurately measure counterparty risk for even the largest, most complex of contract portfolios