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BriefBox is the integrated App Store for Legal - no more waiting two years for basic features and then finding out you’ve built a frankenstein…
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Vendor Management
Reduce Outside Counsel Spend by 30% Guaranteed - and form deeper relationships with the best platform for managing Strategic Partners. more
  • Legal Procurement Engine
  • Post to Panels, Provider(s) or the Market
  • Select a winner
  • Automatic Workroom creation
  • Get Reports
Vendor Management
Organize your interactions with outside counsel - create and maintain cost-effective Strategic Partner Panels.
  • Panel creation and curation
  • Brief directly from Panels
  • Panel data
  • Firm Partner and Associate Profiles
Vendor Management
Create your favorittes list of Strategic Partner and Legal Department Profiles. Using Watchlists you can store information related to profiles and Brief directly from the App.
  • Create Customer Watchlists
  • Add Favorites, Brief directly
Vendor Management
Move directly from awarding a Brief with a Strategic Partner to a dedicated Workroom and collaborate on the matter. It's your dedicated collaboration and performance management space.
  • Messages
  • Files
  • Teams
  • Time Tracking
  • Joint Calendars
  • Kanban Boards
Vendor Management
Evaluate performance of Providers for each engagement using a balance scorecard.
  • Financial, Service Delivery and Operational Performance metrics
  • Qualitative Ratings
  • Get Rated by Firms
Coming Soon
Focus on the deal not the process - DealView™ enables you to centralize all deal work in one location, including clear alignment of resources and allocations. If you need to disaggagate workloads, welcome home.
  • Resource Allocation
  • Capacity Management
  • Negotiations re-invented
Efficient real-time collaboration in a deal room - no more time outs, slow paced responses and confusion over who owns what. Dealrooms are a new way to run a negotiation.
  • Task Lists
  • Issue Lists
  • Team Chat
  • QuickLinks
  • Counterparty support
Learning Platform
Learning Management
Aggregate all Legal Department learning, including from outside counsel - the Digital Learning Platform is a complete learning management system. more
  • Rate Learnings
  • Brief Outside SMEs Dirtectly
  • Allocate to self or Team
  • Linked to Provider Portal
  • Linked to LaunchPad Pathways
CPD Tracker
Learning Management
Log continuing legal education hours on BriefBox - all your points together makes CLE/CPD compliance easy.
  • Linked to the DLP
Learning Management
Curate the learning experience - group learning experiences based on your own competency framework and monitor development.
  • Custom Pathways
  • Linked to DLP and Talent (Competency Framework)
Matter Management
Take contol of your matters with Updates - our powerful legal matter management solution that aggragates all of the Department's work.
  • Multiple Views
  • Matter Publishing
  • Custom Fields
  • Auditable
  • Linked to Risk
  • Community role based editing
  • short form and long form card options
Matter Management
Make data driven decisions with Workflow - BriefBox's legal intake and triage tool for taking all legal service requests from the Business Portal or existing front doors.
  • Smart Triage Recommendation
  • Automated Notifications
  • Linked to Updates
  • Integrated with SFDC
Matter Management
See everything. BriefBox Updates and Workflow both come with instant reporting dashboards or integrate with your favorite report vendor.
  • Deals, Disputes, Accounts, Compliance, Project Reporting
  • Volumes & Counts
  • Risks
  • Run Rates
  • Red Reports
  • Hygience Reports
  • Segment by BU, Region, Country
Risk Assessments
Risk Management
Measure counterparty risk for even the largest most complex of contract portfolios with our Digital Contract Risk Assessment Framework. more
  • Customizable Risk Factors
  • Built in Guidance
  • Playbooks
  • Examples, Linked to Updates and Online Approvals
Online Approvals
Risk Management
Know what requires approval and what has been approved - our approval engine works with our matter management system to make sure you keep track of approved risk.
  • Contract Approval Engine
  • Customized based on your Delegation of Authority
  • Communications, Automatic Notifications
  • Approve, Reject Delegate
  • Approval reports included
FreeComing Soon
Talent Management
Attract new talent - it's unlike anything you've seen before. more
  • Talent Pool
  • Recruiter Portal
  • Job and Candidate Matching
  • CV Builder
  • Open Req Report
  • Integrated with Linked-In
Coming Soon
Talent Management
Solve talent acquisition issues with a single assessement, tracking and decision making tool. more
  • Applicant Tracking System
  • Pre-screeing Video Interviews
  • CV Parsing
  • Algorithm calibrated to DE& I issues
Coming Soon
Talent Management
New employees feel properly welcomed and connected on day one with Onboard - a curated experience that will set your new joiners up for success with moments that matter. more
  • Customizable Checklists
  • Key Staff
  • Important Documents and Links
  • Buddy Assignment
  • Communications
  • Feedback
Coming Soon
Talent Management
Train and retain your staff - the beating heart of Talent is a powerful competency framework and career matrix customised to your Legal Department. more
  • Smart Profiles
  • Baseball Cards
  • Retention Plans
  • Linked to DLP
  • Spotlights and Pathways
Coming Soon
Talent Management
Finally a system dedicated to Legal allowing you to undertake serious performance management with digital scorecards, feedback and engagement measurement. more
  • 360 reviews
  • Linked to Smart Profiles and Develop
  • Integrated with WorkDay and Oracle
Coming Soon
Talent Management
Make Talent decisions based on data with Talent Analyze. more
  • Talent Dashboards and Metrics across the entire Talement Management Lifecycle
Build teams beyond organizations and geographies - create or join private or public groups for discussion boards, knowledge sharing, leave tracking, photos & surveys.
  • Overview Tree
  • Discussions
  • Files
  • Time Tracking
  • Joint Calendar
  • Surveys
All in one tool kit for working remotely - use Workrooms for internal collaboration with collegues or externally with your Providers.
  • Messages
  • Files
  • Teams
  • Time Tracking
  • Joint Calendars
  • Kanban Boards
Accelerate the pace of change in your organization now with BriefBox Projects - everything you need to become the T shaped lawyer of the future in a drag and drop interface.
  • Multiple Boards
  • Task Allocation
  • Flags
  • Checklists
  • Comments
  • Due Dates
Supercharge finding stuff, automate conversations to save time and build relationships with our Chabot - backed by IBM Watson®
  • Conversational Support
  • Announcements
  • Tours
  • Ticketing Engine
  • Help Centre
  • Feedback
SME Finder
Sometimes half the battle is finding the right person - be able to locate the right specialists wherever they are in your organization and promote their value. more
  • Expertise by Skill Language or Country
  • Linked to Smart Profiles & Capacity
Make it easy to find related sites and repositories - Quicklinks promotes Department wide third party sites and allows users to add their own favorites.
  • Mandate Sites
  • Add Own Links
Open up to 16 concurrent chat channels (groups) and keep in touch. more
  • Enable Browser Notifications
  • Email Transcripts
  • Mute Notifications
  • Multi Party Channels
  • Online Status
Coming Soon
All the information to get tasks done - a simple online checklist maker which acts as an actionable to-do for working internally or with the business.
  • Templated to do lists
  • assign to individuals, teams and/or the Business
Focus Assist
Keep on top of your work - a dynamic activity notification list surfacing everthing you need to do in one place.
  • Global Search of BB
  • Activity Burn
  • Pins and Notes Widget
  • Filters
Coming Soon
Discover and pin ideas and items of interest inside BrieBox - like Pintrest but for Legal.
  • Pin any item site wide, Pin into Focus Assist
Coming Soon
Don’t lose that thought - Notes is the best place to jot down quick thoughts or save longer notes filled with checklists, images, or links.
  • Apply Sticky Notes site wide
  • Add Notes into Focus Assist
  • Quick Notes, Checklists, Web Links
Stay in tune with what's top of mind for leadership - keep everyone up-to-date with company and team wide announcements in one place. more
  • Central location
  • Ability to Share
  • Publish to HTML email
  • Publish to BBTV
  • List View and Grid View
Create custom microsites to share content and track engagements - Collections is Announcements on steriods.
  • Custom Still or Video Banners
  • Video Messages
  • File folders
  • Monitor engagement at file read level
Co-create a company culture - Stream lets your teams engage in Department wide conversations that matter. Everyone now has a voice. more
  • Public/Private Posting
  • Hashtag filters
  • Segment by BU, Region, Country
  • Newsfeed reader from 3rd Parties
Publish centralized Department events in a communal calendar, integrated with Outlook. more
  • Segment by BU, Region, Country
  • Outlook integration
Turn your knowledge library into a dialogue with Forums - discuss topics, ask questions and get rid of information silos.
  • Categories, Sections and Topics
  • Comments
  • View Counts
Save time searching for clauses and templates - help reduce contract risk by promoting contract standards and use those clauses to build libraries and templates.
  • Versioning
  • Metadata
  • Download counts
  • Segment by BU, Region, Country
Allow multiple levels of engagement - with Micropsts you get microblogging/tweets for Legal Department and another method to follow interesting collegues. more
  • Post
  • Follow
  • Automatic microposting of specific actions
Spotlights (Firm)
Spotlight your Strategic Partners and deepen outside counsel relationships with your Department. BriefBox Spotlight looks at firm relationships differently.
  • Profiles
  • Learning Submissions
  • Experience
  • Key Support Areas
  • Automatically triggered utilizing system data
Spotlights (Team)
Focus on people and connections - Spotlights give your employees a spotlight that they will want to keep with recognition and celebrations. more
  • Automatically triggered Spotlight events utilizing system data
Market to the Legal Department with scrolling graphics banners promoting things you care about. Publish these (or different) Banners on the Business Portal.
  • Segment by BU, Region, Country
Coming Soon
Bring employee ideas to life - with Ideas you get a complete idea and innovation management solution to manage ideas at scale and engage your community.
  • Crowd source ideas
  • Qualify, priotitize and progress ideas, Measure success
Market the Legal Department to the Business - BBTV allows you to cast specific legal information to the Business on TV screens. Enter a code. Stream on.
  • Banners
  • Announcements
  • Deal Wins
  • Insight Data (Deals, Disputes, Accounts and Projects)
Coming Soon
Resource Management
Assign tasks in seconds - resource scheduling for Legal is as simple as adding projects and teams, drag and drop to start assigning and tracking tasks.
  • Linked to Capacity, Projects, Updates and Workrooms
Resource Management
Track team capacity across Matters and Workflow requests.
  • User Generated, System Generated
  • Linked to Resources and Workflow
  • Automatic manager notifications
Resource Management
Get a full picture of team utilization and make sure the right people are doing the right jobs with the simplest smart timers on the market.
  • Single click Smart Timers
  • View History and Allocations
  • Linked to Smart Profiles.
Support Requests
Business Portal
Deliver value to the Business with a portal for much more than intake - get workload tracking, communication and self service.
  • Front Door
  • Activity Feeds
  • Favorite Laywers
  • Communications
  • Dynamic reporting based on roles
Business Portal
Promote contract and other standards to your Department and/or the Business.
  • Versioning
  • Metadata
  • Download counts
  • Segment by BU, Region, Country
My Legal Dept
Coming Soon
Business Portal
Let the Business know who is who in Legal.
  • Overview of Department
  • Teams
  • Important Links
  • Segment by BU, Region, Country
Contract Builder
Coming Soon
Business Portal
Get contracts out in minutes - contract clause libraries combined with Templates allows you to build, customise and populate error free contracts, fast.
  • Contract Build Engine
  • Collaboration on Documents
  • Linked to Approvals
  • Integrated with E-Sign
No Code Workflows
Coming Soon
Business Portal
Easily create modify and deploy new workflows directly to the Business Portal.
  • Visual Drag and Drop
  • Dynamic smart forms
  • Automate processes
  • Built in decision logic
  • Integated with E-Sign
Legal Health
Business Portal
Know exactly how the Business rates your performance in real-time with Legal Health. Quarterly pulse surveys are over.
  • Real time status gathering
  • Health over time
  • Net promoter scores
  • Resolution mechanism
  • Linked to Workflow
Business Portal
Extract meaningful insights from the data and get it to the right people in your Department (and/or the Business) at the right time - bot and human insight reports to help you make decisions.
  • Bot Insights, Human Insights, Workflow and Reporting engine
BBot for Business
Business Portal
Make it easy for the Business, automate conversations to save time and build relationships backed by IBM Watson® BBot for Business sits on the Business Portal.
  • Automated responses
  • Conversational support
  • Announcements
  • Tours
  • Ticketing Engine
  • Help Centre
  • Feeback
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BriefBox Core


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Vendor Management

  • Briefing
  • Panels
  • Watchlists
  • Workrooms
  • Scorecards


  • Groups
  • Workrooms
  • Projects
  • Chat
  • DLP & CDP Tracker
  • Recruit


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Comms & Collaboration

  • Announcements
  • Collections
  • Stream
  • Events
  • Forums
  • Library
  • MicroPosts
  • Spotlights
  • Banners
  • Ideas
  • Projects+ **
  • SME Finder
  • Quicklinks
  • Checklists
  • Focus Assist
  • Pins
  • Notes
  • Legal TV
  • BBot **


  • Resources
  • Capacity
  • Time


  • Pathways


  • Updates
  • Reports
  • Risk Assessments
  • Online Approvals

Workflow *

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Business Portal

Workflow Management

  • Support Requests
  • Templates
  • My Legal Dept
  • Contract Builder
  • No Code Workflows
  • Legal Health
  • Insights
  • BBot for Business

Talent *

+$10 / user / month

Talent Management

  • Hire
  • Onboard
  • Develop
  • Evaluate
  • Analyze

DealFlow *

+$20 / user / month

Deal Management

  • DealView
  • Dealrooms
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